Analysis of the Taliban attack on a school in Peshawar (KQED)

“At least 132 children were killed on Tuesday when Taliban militants attacked a school in Peshawar in northwest Pakistan. The Pakistani Taliban targeted the army-run school because it wanted the government to “feel the pain” in retaliation for an ongoing military offensive. We discuss the attack and its repercussions.” Host: Michael Krasny Guests: Mehlaqa Samdani, […]

Countering Militancy in Pakistan: A Talk By Dr. Haroon K. Ullah

On May 28, Critical Connections partnered with the World Affairs Council of Western Massachusetts to host Dr. Haroon K. Ullah, an international scholar, U.S. diplomat, and field researcher specializing in the Middle East and South Asia. He currently serves on Secretary Kerry’s Policy Planning Staff and is a Countering Violent Extremism specialist at the U.S. […]

The Question is Still Palestine: Arab Unity and Revolutionary Change in the 21st Century

Written by XXX The Georgetown Center for Contemporary Arab Studies Master’s program, to which I am currently applying, requests a “well-written, scholarly essay (not exceeding 750 typed words) analyzing what you consider to be the most significant situation, problem, or development in society, politics, economics, or culture of the Arab world today.” The following is my […]

Intervention Syria: Why American Missiles Cannot Save Syrian Lives

Written by Terry James In a BBC interview last Tuesday, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel confirmed that if the president chooses to militarily intervene in the Syrian civil war, “We are ready to go.” Other officials suggested that missile strikes could have begun as early as last Thursday. Were it not for a last minute parliamentary veto of UK prime […]

Egypt and Turkey 2013: Democracy and Revolt

Written by Terry James In 2011, the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia sparked a series of pro-democracy uprisings throughout the Arab world that were dubbed the “Arab Spring.” In Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Brazil, 2013 has also been a year of protests, but this time against elected powers, raising the question of whether elections are a […]

Balochistan burning

Written by Mehlaqa Samdani (This article was originally posted on Demystifying Pakistan) Pakistan’s government expressed outrage and horror at the destruction of Quaid-e-Azam’s former residence in Ziarat by the nationalist group, the Baloch Liberation Army, and vowed to rebuild the structure within a few months. If the newly-elected government could demonstrate similar urgency in addressing the underlying […]

Thoughts on Obama’s Drone Speech

Written by XXX In his speech at the National Defense University, President Obama laid out his administration’s counterterrorism strategy and defended the right to use drones as a key element of this policy in various parts of the world including Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. To date, Pakistan’s tribal areas have seen the highest frequency of drone […]

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TUE. MAY 23, 7-9 PM

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Speakers: Prof. Sudha Setty and Dr. Peter Gottschalk



Speaker: Mr. Christian Picciolini

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 Islamic Networks Group

May 13, 2017




A network of educators, religious clergy, law-enforcement personnel, social workers, and Muslim community leaders committed to building inclusive communities. More here


Prof. Sudha Setty on the future of American-Muslims under the Trump administration


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Mr. Daryl Johnson on homegrown extremism


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